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Peter Mort


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QB-9 for sale, bought new October 2009 and is in 'as new' condition complete with all original packaging and receipt.


The asking price is £1200; the current RRP is £2400.


Demo welcome, I only have only taken the image attached at present but can add more as required.


The K-5xeMP and V-5xe shown in the image are available separately.


Location: Oxford UK


Thanks for looking.



Ayre All small.jpg

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is the preamp still available?

The DAC has now been sold.


Auralic Vega DAC, Auralic Taurus Preamp, KEF LS50 Speakers, Hypex Ncore400 monoblock amps, CAPs V3, Paul Hynes SR5 (12v and 9v rails), Audioquest King Cobra XLRs, Signal Cable speaker cable, Furutech power and USB cable

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