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USB 2.0


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I'm running Windows XP Home whch was recently updated from Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 3. I have heard a rumor that SP3 includes an update of the USB ports from 1.1 to 2.


I can't find anything in the OS that tells me what specs the USB ports have. Does anyone know if SP3 does, in fact, update the ports to USB 2?


Mike M


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Hi Mike, - I don't recall seeing you around here before, so Welcome to Computer Audiophile!


USB 2.0 is possible only with a motherboard that has a USB 2.0 controller chip on it, or a PCI/PCIe controller card with one of the USB 2.0 controller chips on it. USB 2.0 is not a firmware or operating system service pack update.


You can find more information about it here: http://www.everythingusb.com/usb2/faq.htm

By the way, this link was found by using the search engine search term: "USB 2.0" simple, but effective!


- markr


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Thanks for the info. markr.


I have been on the PC Audio section of the AGon Forum for about 6 months. I read a post there by Steve N that mentioned this Forum, so joined over here.


This Forum is really good for me as I have abandoned playing CDs in favor of PC audio. My Sony NS999ES CD/SACD/DVD is just gathering dust now.


Mike M


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