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Updated Mac Mini

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The Mac Mini has finally been updated ...




and there is more about the updates to the entire Mac desktop line up here




The Mini updates seem to relate primarily to the graphics card (about time). It has Firewire 800 and hard disk capacity is up to 320Gb. One of the last generation would still work fine as a music server and should be discounted now.


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It's not the disappointment I previously thought it might be. Still after Apple released the 160GB iPod, I thought the drive in the Mac Mini should be at least that or larger. Oh well, add an additional 1GB RAM for $50 and the Apple Remote for $19. Get a 1TB drive elsewhere for $100.


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I'm rather impressed actually.


They've at least stuck some graphical grunt in there finally. Enough power to playback BluRay if only they'd stick a BD drive in there GRRRR!


As for playing the latest 3D games .. hmm - on minimum resolution with everything cut back I guess; but you don't buy a Mac for games.


As an general media server not bad at all. Now surely a third party can whack a BD drive in there.


Watch e-bay for the mass sale of the older model!




HTPC: AMD Athlon 4850e, 4GB, Vista, BD/HD-DVD into -> ADM9.1

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Yeah, not that big of an upgrade, I just bought my mini in December after trying to wait as long as I could for the new mini to come out. Unfortunately I was in need of an upgrade and went for the mini before this new one came out, besides the clearance prices for the NOS units I feel that I am not really missing out on anything that the new mini offers. Specially when you can get a 500gb 2.5" HD for 100 from newegg.


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I think Apple are on record as saying they've no intention of supporting BluRay at present. No idea why that is unless they think it will fizzle out in favour of downloads.


The new Mini isn't a huge leap up but the new graphics puts it in the realm of work use, freeing up my old PB for music duty. If I was considering a Mini for music only, I'd be stalking the old model in the refurb store.


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I'd buy it with BD support. I believe Apple are counting on downloads becoming the norm, afterall, BluRay support would compete against AppleTV.. Thing is that downloads just don't cut it right now in my opinion. Even standard def is an issue; I downloaded and watched the X-Files movie from iTunes on Sunday (being a fan of the original series - well, the first few episodes anyway). The quality was not great - blacks were very grey and nothing was as crisp as it should be. If I have a decent picture I tend to enjoy my movie more.


I'll see if I can download some of their so called hi def films (not sure you can on a PC from iTunes) to see how it looks. The bit rates are very low though.


HTPC: AMD Athlon 4850e, 4GB, Vista, BD/HD-DVD into -> ADM9.1

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