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Any body know how to move 700 albums from album-sized FLAC/cue to a folder FLAC hierarchy?


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I have over 2000 cd's in my ripped collection, most if not all ripped with EAC (unless bought and downloaded). When I started out I used an EAC process called "copy image and create cue sheet" on my first 700 or so, which would rip The Beatles-Abbey Road into two files (beatlesabbeyroad.flac and beatlesabbeyroad.cue). The cue file is a 1-2k file that simply has the metadata and track listings, with index times for each track, etc.) At the time I was using Foobar, and then moved to Squeeze Center, and since both handled cue sheets perfectlly I thought nothing of keeping my collection this way. However, more and more front ends have been developed and few if any seem to handle cue sheets very well. It's time to fix these 700 or so sets of files.


Does anyone know of a semi-automated batch mechanism that will take my cue sheets and create individaul track files and store them in a folder per album. It would be even better if that folder were named Artist - Album but I can deal with any name right now. I would then move the jpg (with the name beatlesabbeyroad.jpg) into the folder and call it cover.jpg likely.


I can use Foobar in a manual basis. It doesn't seem to create the folder though, and is manual. I guess if I do 25 a day I can get it done in a month.


Any ideas, thanks.




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I've found Cue Splitter. It works in batch ok, taking each cue file into its own folder. Then all I need to do is make sure the splits worked (about 20% of the albums have weird indexing and split with errors, but easy enough to fix and rerun). Then I need to go and move the jpeg fles into each folder and then delete the original flac and cue file, once tested. I got about 200 albums split today, with about a third of them completely moved over (jpegs renamed "cover" etc.). it's tedious but it works. FYI.


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Done. Moved 832 albums into the rest of my collection. The process even forced me to clean up some tags (via MP3Tag, a great little program).


Chris/Moderator, you can delete this whole thread if needed. It's only my issue I guess. :)


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