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new lynx card with cat5e output

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I noticed Lynx is releasing a version of the aes16e card (aes16e-50) that has a new type of port (AES50 standard) that can carry both digital channels and wordclock with very low latency. Is anyone familiar with the AES50 standard and can suggest whether this has potential for the audiophile market vs. the existing AES XLR output? I'm not aware of any DACs that have AES50 input but maybe there are within the pro music market.


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I am thinking about getting the AES16e-50 considering the AES50 may be of future use down the line. Will I still be able to use this card with current DAC's? If not which is the best model to use in a Mac Pro? I see a SCR model as well. A bit confused on it all but I was thinking if I was going to buy one I might as well get the latest model. Any thoughts? Also any third party that makes good AES16e cables for purchase?


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Hi KimKman - Welcome to Computer Audiophile. There isn't much info available about the newest Lynx cards yet. I am very interested as well, but somewhat clueless about the AES50 versions. I would pick up an AES16e for a Mac Pro. Redco.com can make an HD26 to AES/EBU cable instead of using the Lynx stock cable with way to many extra sires on it.


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