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I put off building this guy for about 10 months but just finished it a month ago with about 10 hours of testing and use on it. To ease your concerns, I've built about 45-50 PCs for our companies so you might say that "I'm Experienced".


The only change that I made from Chris' original specs was that I installed a little faster RAM. I've hooked this magnificent machine up with the 60 watt external power supply. You may have the the original (I think 80 watt) supply that came with the mono as well. The only "software" installed on this guy is J River v17 as a player. I had mine pointed to my NAS resident music files.


Oh, the reason that I'm moving from servers is that I recently purchased a couple of the PS Audio PerfectWave improved DACs with network bridges. Simple. We are downsizing and building a new home. Whenever I can reduce my inventory of stuff over the next three months I will so we won't have to move it.


Make me an offer. I'm thinking somewhere around $1200. I'll ship for free and insure the server for around $1500 through UPS to the lower 48 U.S. states. You have to be satisfied. If not within a couple (2) weeks, just return in same condition and I'll return your $$. I'll try to get some photos posted up here. Want to talk? [email protected] or reach me through Chris' forum. I don't take Chris for granted, he is really an asset to our hobby. Oh, if you email me I will share my office schedule so you may reach me by phone.






J. Kevin Balog, Ed.D., SPHR


The Brandon Group LLC

Investment Banking/Mergers & Acquisitions







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