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AIFF Library on External HD ~ Ideas for internal Macbook Pro backup?


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Hello Again...Jerb here...


I currently have a setup of music where the iTunes Library is stored on an external HD in AIFF Format. I have a couple of Macbook Pro's (MBP) that have access to this library (never simultaneously), but I would like to have a copy of this Library on each MBP and not in AIFF format due to space restrictions.


A couple of questions:


1) Given the HD space allocation for the MBP Library, what is the "next best" format after AIFF (I was thinking Apple Lossless?? Perhaps AAC??).


2) What is the most efficient way of converting the AIFF files to the new location?


3) When new files are ripped to the external AIFF Library, what is the best method to add the new files to each MBP.


Please keep in mind that this is all new to me. CA has been extremely helpful thus far...I am trying to do things properly from the start...with hopes of avoiding serious future agony!


Thanks again...Jerb


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