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Ps audio dac III (cullen mod 3 ) compared to Berkely Alpha Dac or weiss dac2

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I'm sure Chris could give you a straight answer from a comparative aspect. As far as I know the PS Audio is a great piece especially for the money. With that said though, the Berkeley & Weiss gear is in a whole different league according to many trustworthy ears including mastering engineers I personally know.


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I wasn't aware there was an income requirement to be qualified as an audiophile but you learn something every day I suppose. I certainly don't disagree with spending $5k on a DAC but if you can get great sound for less money, I think that's certainly a part of what "Computer Audiophile" is about besides the fact that money trees really don't exist. Some people on these boards I'd dare say don't make $5,000 a week yet still have or want great sound. Besides that my point was stating the PS Audio gear is a great value for the money but when you jump into the $5K Minerva / Alpha territory it's going from the minors to the major league, and when you are in that league obviously money is less of a concern.


david is hear[br]http://www.tuniverse.tv

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Are you serious?? To blow off a $5K purchase in this or any economy is quite alarming, frankly. My income, as a sales veep at a software company, is in the higher incomes of my circle of friends, frankly, but I'd never blow off a $5k purchase as laughable. And to assume that all of us CA'ers are that laissez-faire with our monies (one weeks income on a DAC) is a bad assumption...here or on any forum.


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I bought PS Audio DL3 Cullen Mod Stage 3 some year ago. I found the sound on the overbright, harsh side, fatiguing, suppressed mid-base, no warmth. Under the advice of Rick Cullen I sent it back for check, and since then, despite numerous email reminders, I have had neither money nor the DAC back, oops!


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First Rick wrote me he found the sound of the returned DAC quite normal, but nevertheless suggested to replace it by new somewhat cheaper DAC from W4S. I agreed, but then just silence. Then W4S reported Rick had sold my DAC and disappered )) and, to partially compensate my loss, suggested to buy from them a DAC with a large discount. Although that was a fear offer, injecting any new money would leave me with even worse feelings. I stopped there.


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