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Apogee Duet and Audio Midi Settings??

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I've looked everywhere for an answer for this. I'm using the new Macbook Pro ~ FireWire ~ Apogee Duet ~ AKG K702 Headphones. Like many others, I'm confused as to the settings for the Audio Midi in OS X 10.5 Leopard. I am using iTunes, and listening to a library that was ripped from cd's to AIFF.


Unfortunately the Duet doesn't deliver with a great user manual. I have played with the settings in OS X Audio Midi. I am trying to find the best settings for this. The Duet also comes with Maestro software.


I am aware that when I make changes in Audio Midi, I should have iTunes closed and then re-open after settings have been changed. I have also turned the EQ off in the iTunes preferences...as well as the sound enhancer in iTunes Preferences.


In the Audio Midi, the radio button for the Default Input and Output is set to the Duet. The System Output is set to: Built-in Output.


When I select "Properties for Duet", the Audio Output area is activated and I can change the radio button from 44100.0 Hz to 96000.0Hz. However, I cannot change the next radio button...it is fixed at 2ch-24bit.


My question: Is this the "best" setting that I should be using? The original source was ripped from cd's at 16/44.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated....



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Hi Jerboa - Good questions. You are actually right on with everything, but I would make one change.


Default Input and Output are correctly set to Duet and System is correctly set to Built-in.


The Properties for Duet area is where I would set the sample rate at the same rate as your source material. All your CDs are at 44.1 so I would set the sample rate at 44.1. You can select 96 if you want but it doesn't make any sense to me to do it that way. 96k is not even a multiple of 44.1 (88.2, 176.2, etc...). Again, whatever you like is cool with me. No worries. Don't worry about the bit rate being 24. As long as it's equal to or larger than the bit rate you're playing everything will be bit perfect.


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Thanks Chris!

As you can tell I am very new to this CA stuff! I should have stated that I wanted to get the settings to bit perfect (as in 16/44). I was concerned that I couldn't change the setting to 2ch-16bit...and that it would mess with the playback. For the record..I am very very new to this computer/audio stuff, and not super techie with computers or audio at all. I just want to get it "correct" from the start...although I feel that I'm over my head. I really don't understand this bit's/word length/clocking jargon yet.


I purchased the Apogee duet because I've also been playing with recording, but I also want to use the duet as a DAC and headphone amp if possible. Soon I'll be on the market for studio monitors...and back here with never ending questions! I'm trying to determine if my ears are hearing any difference with my current steup...vs just pluging the AKG K702's into the audio out on the Macbook Pro. Don't get me worng, the Apogee duet sounds great thus far, but I can't really determine if I have it setup correctly to optimize playback...keep in mind that I literally just plugged it in! Should I hear a dramatic difference??


More reading and work for me! Any experienced advice would be fantastic...




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Hi jerb -


"Should I hear a dramatic difference??"


That's a question I can't answer. I know I would hear a dramatic difference in any one of my systems, but your experience may vary. I suggest listening to one system for a week or so, then switching back to the other. You will likely notice a difference. Switching back and forth frequently can lead to confusion sometimes even though it seems like it would be easier to identify differences that way.


Anyway, I would give it some time.


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The Apogee blurb tells you that you will hear a dramatic difference. In my personal experience, I didn't hear a dramatic difference. I heard a difference, but I wouldn't rate it as "dramatic" :) Your mileage may, of course, vary.


The critical listening can start to spoil your enjoyment of the music. I'm still struggling with "is the Apogee better/worse or just different from my CD player". You end up listening to the same snatch of music over and over again. Not good.





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