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Does everyone here


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Sounds the same as far as I can recall - I've not tried them side by side yet. It is tons more convenient (especially as the CD player is a Naim and the little puck occasionally vanishes into the innards, a brilliant bit of design). No problems with noise as it's a Powerbook and, when running audio, the fan stays off. It only comes on if I'm doing a lot of Photoshop at the same time. I can no longer see any advantage in a stand alone CD player and I like having fewer boxes cluttering up the place so the CD player will be for eBay.


btw, everyone says the Mac mini is quiet but given that the basic hardware is the same, I'm puzzled why getting a quiet PC seems to be a problem


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SimAudio Moon cd-1 is comparable to the Lavry and Benchmark dacs, with the dacs edging it out very slightly according to my ears. My price is $1500 (cd-1) to ~$1200 (Dacs) because I already have a computer to use.


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