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ABX software for Windows

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audiozorro wrote:

Is there a version of ABX that runs on Windows computers or does it only run on Macs?


If you're a Windows user, then you've got far more options when it comes to ABX software. I don't believe the Mac has any native ABX software available for it. The following are a couple of links to ABX programs that I'm aware of;






Now, I've never used either of these, so I'm in no way endorsing them to you, though they are both referred to over at Hydrogenaudio, under their ABX wiki entry, http://bit.ly/qhkdR.


audiozorro wrote:

Can I choose the media player software or does ABX use its own? Are there audio files limits in terms of file formats and resolutions?


Unfortunately I have no idea. I've never used ABX software, so you're on your own I'm afraid! ;) Maybe someone who reads this thread can be more helpful or possibly the links I've given above may explain a little more about each program.





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