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Advice on proposed system changes

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I am going through an evolution in my 2 channel stereo to make it easier to archive vinyl, hopefully improving the sound, but not hurting it at all. I would appreciate some feedback about my potential changes.



Current setup:

Spectral DMC30SS preamp

Spectral DMA360 amps

Basis Debut Vector Koetsu Jade

Tag Mclaren PPA30 phono stage

Slim Devices Transporter(server running on Mac Mini)

Esoteric DV-50s Universal Player

Alesis Masterlink(for vinyl archiving)


Proposed system changes:

Remove the Tag phono stage, Alesis Masterlink and Transporter and replace it with


Gordon Audio mic pre, Prism Orpheus A/D/A, Mac Mini with Pure Vinyl


Thoughts or alternate suggestions,




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I have been looking at all the options that include firewire and 24/192... Apogee, Aurora, Lavry, Weiss, etc... It is particularly challenging to make choices without ever hearing anything. Once I narrow it down then I will try and acquire a couple of demo units...


I really liked the thought of the Aurora/Apogee, but not a huge fan of needing customized cables or lots of unused connectors dangling around. I actually buy into some of the snake oil related to cable choices and impact on sound quality having upgraded over the years through the various types and quality with electronics staying constant with various upgrades.


Just a little concerned now about SRC on the Mini impacting the output to the A/D/A... Too bad the Transporter doesn't allow for 24/192...


Do you know of any players hardware or software that might be a good choice to avoid SRC issues?




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The best use of the Pure Vinyl software is to use a mic pre instead of a phono pre, so that you record without applying the RIAA equalization. You apply the equalization in the digital domain, which is said to give a better result.


Pure Vinyl is on discount until the end of February at present.


Anyone tried it yet? If so your comments would be welcome, Mikey Fremer from Stereophile thought it was the best digitized vinyl he has heard, and that was using a phono pre, he has yet to try with the Mic pre.




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The mic pre in front of the Orpheus would be because my cartridge only outputs .2mV and believe that to be too low or the gain in the Orpheus. At least that is what their website seems to indicate.



Yes I am overall very happy with the Transporter and would not get rid of Slim Server outright as I use a Boom as an alarm clock and a Squeezebox in my office. Since the above solution puts a mac mini and a DAC in my stereo rack there is no real need for the Transporter there.


Similarly the Alesis can go and the phono pre. I would have to consider whether I would hang on to the Esoteric also as I do not own many SACD or DVD-A discs and just might record those bypassing the mic pre a sell the Esoteric.


I think between the 4 devices I could get rid of I might cover a little over half my outlay for the new configuration...





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