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PCI Card with Dual XLR digital outputs for left and right stereo only


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This is my first step into high end servers and I am thinking of building my own server. I have no idea what I am doing but I am trying to learn. Will this work?


I want to get a Netgear ReadyNAS Server, add a PCI card like a Lynx AES, then run digital XLR outputs for left and right into my Esoteric D5 DAC that has dual left/right XLR inputs. Will this work? If so, how do I do it?


I will need to run the XLRs about 35 feet as I am placing the server in a different room. I will control it all with Squeezecenter running softsqueeze for my Esoteric DAC and running regular squeezecenter to get the music in different rooms via a duet.


Thank you for any replies. I am guessing here.....


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Hi Jadis192 - I like your creative plan. The AES16 will work with the Esoteric D5. I believe this DAC requires dual wire for resolutions above 24/96. Someone please correct me if that's wrong. There are quite a few D5 users here on the site. You'll need a custom Lynx AES/EBU cable. You can get one from Redco.com.


Squeezecenter will work but in my opinion is one of the worst software interfaces around.


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Thank you Chris!


I was going to use Squeeze software b/c I like the remote.....and being able to use it in multiple rooms. Is there a better interface? I know iTunes can do it, but iTunes cannot play diff music in diff rooms simultaneously.


As for the cables, I am thinking I need to hook up the clock as well? Can all that be found on that site you referenced?


Thanks again




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I would definitely consider Sonos as a distribution system for multiroom. If you have iPhone, iTouch then all you need is one Sonos Bridge and as many Sonos ZP90/ZP120 as you needs for your room. Once everything is setup, you don't even need to have your computer turned on, just the NAS. I think you can use as many as 32 Sonos in a network, each playing different tracks simultaneously. I used to use Sonos before switching to computer based music server. The major weakness for Sonos is that it only supports 16/44.1kHz.



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