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Help with ITunes format


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Does anyone know if the ITunes "Sound Enhancer" and "volume levelers" alter the files themselves or are added after the fact? In other words, if I ripped a CD with one or both of those boxes checked in ITunes, say to Apple Lossless, and i now wanted to get rid of them, could I or do i need to erase the file and start over?


Also, if I now want to switch a file from Apple Lossless to AIFF, will the switch include these items?


Hope that makes sense (OK- I'm still a bit hung over...). Thanks in advance for any help!


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I think you're right on with your statement about the Playback tab. Sound Check says it adjust song playback volume, so my guess is this has nothing to do with the actual file. I will do some testing with my Alpha DAC tonight to test for bit perfect output after using some of these options and going back to none of them.


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Thanks man--you rock.


One thing that I just noticed that concerns me is if I right click on a track in iTunes and hit "get info", on the bottom of the tab there's a line that says "volume" and different tracks have different adjustments such as "-10.8 dB" or another at "-1.5 dB" This scares me into thinking that its not gonna be able to be removed. As far as the "Sound Enhancer" I am seeing nothing on any tabs. I hope I'm wrong!




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Gentlemen... After mucking around with this thing for a bit, I see that the effects indeed can be removed, as advised. I'm not sure what exactly the dB thing is all about (it stays the same and doesn't go away whether I click the sound check on or off), but clicking the effects on or off is sonically very noticeable (and not always bad actually)...


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Thanks mpmct & Chris again all for your help!




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