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Lynx soundcard


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Hi everyone. I am putting together a silent pc based on a Zalman tnn 300. The lynx AES 16 is the reccomended soundcard. Looking at the lynx website it seems that for a little more money the lynx AES 16 SRC is available. The feature that I find interesting is the cards ability to up sample any bit rate to High Rez. Does anyone have any opinions or experience with this specific card.



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I have the SRC version installed in my computer now for the last few weeks. My stereo also went through a

few changes this last few weeks so I have not really had time to sit down and compare playing 16/44 straight vs

upsampling to 24/176 very much but my initial impression is that upsampling version of the same track tends to be

a bit softer, smoother, less harsh edginess. Some may like it (I do) but some may not. The difference is quite noticeable, especially with playing solo piano music.

However, one very convenient feature for me is that since I have 16/44, 24/88, 24/176 tracks and I have clock

input from my DA converter sync to Lynx card, I just set the clock at 176 and have the Lynx card output everything

at 176 so I don't have to keep changing the clock output from DA converter manually everytime I play different resolution tracks.


One thing I notice, to change upsampling frequency, (this is with clock input from DA converter), I have to change clock input to match the frequency that I want. Leaving the clock input at 176, if I change the 'rate select' in lynx mixer to 88.2, Lynx still output 176 and not 88.2. However, if I change clock frequency then rate select in the mixer will automatically change to the proper frequency.


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Thanks for the help. Both of us were sick for a week. Me with the flu, and my pc with a virus. I ordered a lynx SRC card last week from Montreal. The card should arrive in Windsor sometime next week. Boy the exchange rate really sucks. Ouch.


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