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Lynx Aurora 8 FW

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My vp is in the process of ordering the Aurora 8 for himself. He is thinking of the standard one because he likes the aes interface. Im trying to convince him to consider the firewire upgrade, so we can perform a/b tests. E-mail me and I'll keep you posted on the results. If he does not purchase it that way then we can ask Lynx for additional information for you.




Jesus R



PS No strings attached.


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I'm just going to ask what they think is the optimal input!


Jesus R



Update, I asked my VP about this and he had already spoken to them regarding the two inputs. Basically, the AES is the preferred input with the Firewire being an alternate that offers ease of installation without the need of a dedicated audio card. Again what could be easier then setting up a laptop for some remote recording and/or playback and so on.


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For a couple of weeks I have used the Aurora8/FW with a headless Mac Mini. The setup gave me listening fatigue and I stopped that configuration. Whether it was the Mac Mini that just had its logic board and superdrive replaced, or the firewire connection of the Aurora, it was not enjoyable. Crisp and clean yes, but irritation/digititus set in almost immediately. I used it both with the inbuilt DAC and an external modded DAC using it as a firewire to AES converter. The Aurora was clean and clinical, more for studio work than sit back and listen for hours. 24/96 output via AES also requires a firmware update otherwise you will hear clicking noises.


My next configuration in the works is the G5/Tiger/Amarra/SSD/Lynx PCI AES16.


Whilst waiting for the parts to arrive, I have gone back to optical glass fiber out of the mac mini into the modded DAC. The fatigue is barely there now, but the clarity is worse. But I will take that over listening fatigue/digititus/irritation any day!


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