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David N

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I note your Advangarde model 3 Intergrated Amplifier has an optional (internally configurable)

Audio AV Direct Input on Input 5.This will bypass the preamp,volume control section of the intergrated amplifier and the Minerva will control the volume. Your other inputs will operate as normal through the preamp section. The AV Input is unbalanced,but the advantages of using the Minerva directly into the power amp section of the amplifier will out weigh it not being balanced .(XLR)

Once you have done the Minerva software upgrade the Minerva becomes switchable between direct out (no volume control) and variable output so it can still be used in direct out as you are using it at present.

I look forward to your comments

David N



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Hi David N,

Thank you very much for the splendid information but I have a couple of doubts:

1. "Internally configurable": Do I have to open the amplifier and make any configuration?

2. "Switchable between direct out (no volume control) and variable output": How can I switch between them?

Sorry for this silly questions.






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1. I,m not familar with you amplifier.I downloaded a copy of the owners manual from the net to obtain that

information.I suggest to contact your local audio dealer that sold you the amplifier or the manufacturer.

Maybe a fellow CA reader with your amplifier can help out?

2. Daniel has a downloadable update to the owners manual that explains the process on the Weiss

Minerva page of the Weiss website. By pressing the power button longer that 1.5 seconds will change modes.

I'm surprised that Chris has not done an update to the CA Weiss Minerva review as in my view the software upgrade is that dramatic .

David N







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David N,

Thank you again.

I'll post any news on this issue.


Synology 415+ NAS > CAT 6 Cable > Mac Mini > Curious USB Cable > T+A DAC 8 DSD > Avantgarde Acoustic XLR Cable> Avantgarde Acoustic Model Three Integrated Amplifier > Avantgarde Acoustic Speaker Cable > Avantgarde Acoustic UNO NANO Speakers

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I'm anxious for your comments when you implement the Weiss software upgrades to add the volume control.

Has any other Weiss Minerva/DAC 2 owners out there done the software upgrade?

What was your experience?

When Chris posted the BADA review on 12/11/2008 his comments were 'Possibly the most underrated

part of the Alpha DAC is its ability to bypass a pre amp and connect directly to the power amp."

Chris recommended the BADA be used in the volume control mode with the pre amp bypassed.

The Weiss DAC in the volume control mode is a positive improvement in every dimension.

David N


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Hi David - You hit the nail on the head. In my opinion and the opinion of many others in the industry is that bypassing a preamp by using volume control in the DAC has great potential. If the volume control is designed well the sonic improvements gained from bypassing another set of interconnects (filters) and pre amp (another filter) is huge. I heard the Minerva at CES with the new volume control but the conditions were less than idea for me to render an opinion on the sonic quality. I can say the sound in Daniel's room was really nice.


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If only the Weiss Minerva had a remote control for the volume settings.

I have been following the discussion of the Rowmote

on the Proton thread.Seems interesting especially the

wifi part.Would the Rowmote operate the volume levels

on the Minerva? Or would Daniel need to do a software update to make it happen?Maybe Daniel can help out on this one.

Chris,your sample rate solution is installed and working perfectly on my Macbook Pro.

You have a most informative and balanced site.

keep up the great work.

David N




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Hopefully soon there will be a modification allowing an iTouch/iPhone with the Rowmote app to control the digital volume on the Minerva? Would that provide full range, high quality volume control with minimal, if any degradation to sound quality at lower volumes? If so, and you combine with a Mac Mini and active speakers, this could be the ultimate minimalist, 24/192 capable audiophile system.



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I'm using my Weiss DAC2 with the built in volume control. Any Weiss users should be aware that there is no fixed mode as such and that toggling between the 2 modes will retain the volume set. If using to a pre or integrated then make sure the volume is set to full.


I'm using the DAC2 direct to mono's after some experimentation with a pre/power...lets just say my £4k pre has been sold! Its very very good imho but a remote would be nice!


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