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David N

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In December Daniel added a software upgrade for the Weiss Minerva and DAC 2.

The software can be downloaded to the Minerva via the firmware link on the Weiss website.

Part of the upgrade is the addition of a volume control for the Minerva.

This enables you to bypass the preamp and go directly into the power amplifier.

I'm aware that the volume control is implemented in the digital mode and to some this is a negative

but the results are not subtle.It will take your system to the next level and beyond.

There will be a significant improvement in dynamics with a lower noise floor and the ability to detect subtle

cues in the mix.The sound-stage will expand in every dimension and the ability to hear the recording space

will be more apparent.

Your 24/176.4 Reference Recordings will now sound like the digital masters that they are.

Your Audio Research LS26 has a processor input that will enable you to use the Weiss Minerva in the volume

control mode and you preamp to act as normal for your other input sources.

If only daniel would do a software update to add a volume remote control to the Minerva.

I also agree that upsampling 16/44.1 to 24/176.4 with the Minerva is a revelation. Try listening to Raising

Sand "Robert Plant/Alison Krauss" in the upsampled mode through the Minerva. The CD disc played on a

quality CD player is a disappointment by comparison.

Enjoy your Weiss Minerva.

David N


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Hi David N,

Thank you for the information. I have a Weiss Minerva+ Mac Mini+ Advangarde Model Three Integrated Amplifier (using balanced XLR) . Will I benefit with the upgrade? Having an Integrated Amplifier how will it affect adding a volume control?


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