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New products: Cyrus stereo amps with integrated DACs

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It has been a long-standing frustration of mine that 2-channel audiophile integrated amps don't provide internal DAC functionality the way that multi-channel AV receivers do. And for even longer I have loved Cyrus amps and CD players, though I've never been wealthy enough to own any.


But now... at the Bristol Hifi show, Cyrus has released a new series of stereo pre- and integrated amplifiers with not just one but two modular options for internal DACs!


Ignoring their standalone DAC products (DAC X and DAC XP), the new XP amplifier series has three basic models:

Cyrus 6 XP - a 40W integrated amp with no DAC

Cyrus 8 XP d - a 70W integrated amp with a relatively basic DAC

Pre XP d - a separate pre-amp with a relatively basic DAC


The 6 XP is provided as a no-DAC baseline to meet a price point, but you can purchase it with the "d" option to get the same DAC as the other two models above. From that "d" level, you can then optionally upgrade further with the "Qx DAC" module (an internal add-on) which provides 192kHz upsampling and three additional regulated power supplies.


Whether "d" or "Qx", you have five digital inputs: 1 USB, 2 optical SPDIF and 2 coax SPDIF.


Chris, can I beg you to get your hands on this gear ASAP and give us your verdict?







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Here is a link to the brochure which gives a bit more info on the new integrated amps and the pre amp:




The standard DACs should be ok quality wise and are the same as those used in the Cyrus award winning SE CD players, but also have the option of being upgraded with the Q module.


However the DAC-X and the DAC-XP models still feature the best Cyrus DACs. I have the DAC-XP which is a preamp with a DAC, it has 6 digital inputs and 2 analogue - a versatile piece of kit.


With the current weakness of £ these should be a bargain to buyers in EU and the US.


Apple AE / Cyrus CD8X + PSX-R -> Cyrus DAC-XP + PSX-R -> Cyrus Mono-Xs / MF X-CAN v3 -> Spendor s5e / Grado RS1

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