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Home Theatre PC as A/V processor: possible?


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Hi All,


I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can take 5.1 (or other multichannel) audio from a DVD, decode the multichannel audio, and send it to something like the Apogee Rosetta, DA-16x, or a series of stereo dacs. Basically, I want to remove the A/V processor from a home theatre setup and replace it with a PC and some dacs. The chain would be like having a computer instead of a blueray or dvd player that outputted a multichannel analog signal to preamp to poweramp etc. I know that some soundcards can decode Dolby Digital and do multichannel, but I think they send the signal to their analog outputs directly. I need a digital output of all the channels to better dacs, then to a preamp. All comments are appreciated.






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Hi Cavan,


You can do this with TheaterTek DVD and the Advanced Audio Pack.

Although there will be more these days, I use the RME Fireface800 (the 400 will do it too, but watch for the number of output channels

Lush^3-e      Lush^2      Blaxius^2.5      Ethernet^3     HDMI^2     XLR^2

XXHighEnd (developer)

Phasure NOS1 24/768 Async USB DAC (manufacturer)

Phasure Mach III Audio PC with Linear PSU (manufacturer)

Orelino & Orelo MKII Speakers (designer/supplier)

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