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Interesting Article!

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"I also use Shakti Stones and On-lines, and Audio-Magic Gen ZX and Noise Disruptors where needed. The Mac Book sits upon a special shelf built to address EMI/RFI"






BM DAC1/HDR --> ATC SCM 100ASL[br]BM DAC1--> Genelec 8020/Beyer T70[br]Apogee Duet2 --> Stax 007T/404[br]Apogee Duet2 --> Genelec 6010A/Beyer DT1350[br]

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Decent article. Some of the questions probably weren't the best given the person's work affiliation. Some of the people were overly confident in their ways/designs but I suppose they have to be. A few were fanatics (shakti stones guy lol). Some didn't even bother answering, or just kept repeating one point. One of them even got a shot in at Ashley lol. It was mostly people discussing jitter and usb cables, which doesn't seem to have one real answer.


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FYI..I posted about this article last month. I must have posted it in a more obscure area cuz you're getting better responses... :)



It's a classic case of an industry in its infancy...divergent ideas, but at least lots of them! These divergent ideas, however, scare off the general potenetial consumer/buyer (i.e non early adopter) due to lack of standards. it's as divergent as "use highly specific cryogenically-treated silent pc" vs "use any ole damn thing you want..the DAC is the issue"...and many in-between. I vote that somewhere in between wins. ;)


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