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PLINIUS MK II integrated amp ..with phono section and remote

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I'm selling my Plinius 8200 Mk II integrated amplifier.

Serial # 1049

Very powerful and always musical. Detailed and lean towards warmth.

Wonderful on voices, pianos and double basses (my faves).


- Output: 175 w/channel into 8 ohms ...up to 300 w into 4 ohms

- Phono section has user selectable gain-setting jumpers for moving magnet or moving coil cartridges

- Remote control for Volume up/down and Mute - it's like cast aluminum metal and built like a tank


Updated, biased and gone over on 5/11 by Vince Galbo, the original importer and current factory-authorized shop.

New they sold for $3,000+


Will ship in original double-boxed foam-cushioned cartons with original manual/instructions.

Asking $1500, buyer pays shipping.





some reviews:

ABSOLUTE SOUNDS - 2002 Golden Ear Award Award

Reviews - PLINIUS AUDIO - plinius, plinius audio hifi, plinus, plinius 9200, plinius amplifiers, plinius amplifier, plinius 8150, plimius, pliniusaudio, plinius m14, www.pliniusaudio.com, www.pliniusaudio.nzld.com, plinius 8100, plinius amps, plinius



AUDIOGON Best Solid State Integrated Amp

AudiogoN Forums: Plinius 8200 MkII -- best integrated ss amp?




AudioEnz - Plinius 8200 mk2

(In this review, I love the following description of the Plinius}

Within lies the toroidal transformer-that-ate-Manhattan, the main contributor to the weight, and a pre-amp derived from the exoticM16 unit that partners Plinius's class A super-amps. This second edition of the 8200 delivers over 175 remote-controlled watts per channel, with maybe the first couple in class A.

Switch the unit on, and the blue power indicator flashes slowly to let you know the amp is muted while it settles down for action. Once stabilised, the LED remains on and you're ready to roll.... This amp tolerates no waywardness on the part of your speakers: they will obey.

Will plug in a photo once I've figured out how to do so... cosmetically it is in VG/Exc condition



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OK...here are photos of the Plinius front and rear panels...plus the remote.





Note: I had written "lean towards warmth"...it is known as a "tubey" sounding transistor amp....and is something of a underground audiophile fave. You'll also note this unit appears here and there in the "Associated Equipment" list in audio review articles. I like finding out about well-designed audio from others.... then getting them through the used market, from other 'philes...instead of chasing the latest/greatest at high cost. (Plinius, I plan on moving up the Plinius line...and get Plinius separates in the future after saving up a bit ..and selling some of my other equipment).


Here's a very thorough review of the 8200 MkII, this one from an audiophile on the AudioAsylum

REVIEW: Plinius 8200 MKII Integrated Amplifier (SS) - cpdunn99 - Amp/Preamp Asylum

Feel free to contact me with any questions,







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