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Post your favorite Youtube performances...

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Few performances came up to mind, hope this is not too spam-ish


Bob Dylan cover. When I originally found this, I believe this performance made some fuss around the potential audience with unexpected voice and performance overall. And made a little name too, for Blues Boy Dan. aka. Dan Owen.


Finn-Swede folk act Gjallarhorn sadly vanished somewhere. When I found the band it was already too late to wish see them live, even though I live close to have had that chance. I find this also to be pretty good quality on youtube standards.


This performance can always raise my mood if I feel little down. The tunes, audience, Mr. Forcione's facial expressions and occasionally playful style.

Albeit the hiss and little distant sound, the music still comes through quite nicely.


Special live performance with Symphonic Orchestra by Skálmöld performing their probably best known song. Folk Metal works nice this way too.



Great acapella cover of Toto's Africa by Slovenian band Perpetuum Jazzile. This was a youtube hit by the time. 

The intro is still amazing...

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too many to list, but this is a recent favorite ...  It's like Beethovens Teutonic relative or great, great, great, great grandson is performing it.




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