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Winamp ASIO plugin with MediaMonkey3 - it works

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I just recently joined C/A and many thanks to Chris for making it happen. Lots of great stuff & food for thought, with valuable input from audio pros. And the step-by-step tutorials are quite nice.


I've struggled initially with the Otachan Asio plugin (out_asio(dll).dll, SSE2) as it wouldn't work with my DMX6 Fire 24/96 card (which supports Asio). All the settings did show up in the config window/scroll down menu but the sound was screwed up. Trying different settings didn't help.


I've found out that replacing the Otachan plugin with the Winamp plugin (out_asio.dll) actually works just fine in my setup. The config window is quite basic vs the Otachan (simpler is better ?). You may want to try it out if you're stuck somehow with the Otachan (see url below).



I have Winamp on my PC and downloaded the asio plugin. This is an exe. file which will install the asio dll in your Winamp plugin directory. From there, copy and paste into the MM plugin directory. Close MM & restart. That did the trick for me.


Happy listening.


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