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wma lossless on a PC to AIFF on a Mac


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I am very new to all of this, but have taken a fateful step: After a lifetime of being a windows-based PC user, I've finally bought a Macbook, and want to use it as the hub for a new upgraded music system. I currently have about 130gb of wma lossless files on a PC and want to both convert them to AIFF as well as transfer them to the Macbook for access via iTunes. My main goal after getting this properly set up is to transfer them again into an External HD in Raid 5, but I figure I can do that step more easily later. Please correct me if I'm wrong....


I asked the question about how to do the file conversion thing on one of the Apple Knowledge-base forums, and was referred to "Switch Audio File Converter" by NCH Software. Anybody have any experience with this, or other advice?


Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks much.




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Last night I downloaded iTunes onto my PC, set convert to AIFF, and converted my entire library in place (the internal 750gb Seagate HD). However, it appears that iTunes simply copied all of the individual tracks in place into AIF format, so I now have a double size library and 2 versions of every file. I figure most everyone else on this site would have known that's what would happen if I did it that way, but not me. Sheeesh.


On the good side, I did receive the new Focal XS Multimedia Speakers today, and have just finished setting those up. Currently listening to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, and I do have to say it sounds mighty fine. The re-furb Macbook is supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I've ordered the optical mini-plug to toslink cable from Lifatec (and have to say they were VERY helpful). Ordering the ADM9.1s comes next I guess, and then the External HD for the basement.


Trying to continue to move forward....


Thanks to all for your help and support, I can sure use it.




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