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lookin 4 an inexpensive DAC w/ var. output

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Hi there,


I am looking for tips and pointers for an inexpensive USB DAC with a variable output level function.


I run directly into the "power-in" stage of an integrated amp and would rather not use the volume-slider of foobar to adjust the volume (as i understand it robs me ob dynamics, the lower I go - and doesnt allow me to be bit-transparent).


So a DAC with var. output on the analogue side would be the way to go.


again, thx!



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Hi Al,


I would suggest you have a look at the Beresford TC-7520.




If you click pre-orders and then the TC-7520 item you get a detailed description of the DAC (even though the title says TC-7510)


I have not heard any of the Beresford DACs but I have the original TC-7510 which is the version that Stan Beresford based his improved TC-7510 on.


Please note that even though these DACs support 24/96 the USB input only supports max 16/48.


Good luck.


Best Regards,




Families and music are forever

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