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WMP11 HDCD indicator not lighting up.


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Hello everyone,


I would like to get full resolutions of my HDCDs to my external DAC, a DAC1 Pre.


The DAC1 Pre doesn't decode HDCDs internally so I am trying to use Windows Media Player 11. I went into options, devices, speakers and enabled 24bit decoding which says it's to decode HDCDs to full resolution.


But now the HDCD indicator doesn't light up when I put my HDCDs in the drive, the indicator does show if I have 24bit decoding turned off.


Is this a known glitch or do I have something miss configured?




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Maybe I've misunderstood what you're asking. But Windows Media Player, even if there is a box to tick and it was decoding your material, it would still not allow your HDCD light to lightup because K-Mixer will resample it.


There is an ASIO plug in around somewhere for WMP, but I could not get it working.


I've probably now just answered something else you didn't ask. Sorry if that's the case.


I dare you to download Media Monkey and try ASIO - compare it to WMP.




HTPC: AMD Athlon 4850e, 4GB, Vista, BD/HD-DVD into -> ADM9.1

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No need to apologize, I mean it is an interesting extention.


Also for MS, according to them it does decode HDCD as full resolution and the HDCD indicator is just an alert that the disk could be decoded better (at least their explanation.).


I have tried Media Monkey, Foobar2000 and Winamp in addition to WMP. I like Winamps sound and it and Media Monkey both play HRx disks and high-res files beautifully. WMP sounds actually pretty good at max volume decoding HDCDs compared to them being played in Media Monkey or Winamp, though I prefer standard CDs on Winamp and high res on Media Monkey. Both Winamp and Foobar2000 on my system have KS output plugins but Foobar2000 is a disaster because it just sits there for 10mins when loading a 176.4k wav file while the others play wonderfully.


I haven't found a KS plugin for Media Monkey yet.


Mind you that's my opinion on my system:

P Duo Core 2 2.66

2g of ram

XPpro SP3.

HTOmega Claro+ card

in a Shuttle SG33G5M


I am playing through a USB and the Coax out to a Benchmark DAC1 Pre.


You mileage might vary...




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Quote : I am playing through a USB and the Coax out to a Benchmark DAC1 Pre.


A USB what? Anything you are currently using, out of a USB port, will limit you to 24/96 tops. If you're trying to replay 24/176 files then these will have to be recoded, by the media player, to 24/96 before being sent to the dac. Your problems with Foobar would then just simply be down to the algorithm it is using to recode the files.


If you're trying to get 24/176 then you should be using co-ax/optical out on the Claro straight into co-ax/optical in on the Benchmark.


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You are absolutely correct Bob, I didn't explain clearly.


I use USB from PC to stream HDCDs, I use the Coax for high definition audio files. Since HDCDs are only 20bit (I know MS's checkbox says 24bit but I have no idea where they are getting that number from!)/44.1 the USB's 24/96 works just fine when streaming from media player.


I usually only use the USB when in WMP.


Thanks for the info though!


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