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How do I rip bit-perfect high resolution stereo audio files from my dvd-a discs for use on my XP music server to play via Media Monkey. From what I gathered dvdexplorer is the only software capable of this, but I'm struggling with it.


Is there an easier solution via dvd-a software that will stream the PCM stereo high resolution data to my dac, in other words an accurate dvd-a player for windows that gives the user options to choose which dvd-a files to output?


My preference is to play these high resolution files from my hard drive via Media Monkey.






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I'd like to know more about this too, especially as it pertains to Linux. I wanted to mention though that bit-perfection shouldn't be a problem since DVD-A uses a real filesystem as opposed to Redbook CDs which used an archaic "tracks" method for storing data. All you have to do is copy the files as opposed to DAE (digital audio extraction).


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Tell us what issues you are having. I run the software, find/open audio_ts.ifo and the only real issue is making sure you have the right set of files (usually title 2). When you pick one (say track 1) it will be described as either having two groups (group one has "l-r-ls-rs" channels, group two has" lfe-c")...that's the wrong set of files! Those are multichannel. Try title 2 (or title 3 if there is one). Pick a track and it will show only one group with channels called "l-r". That's the 2 channel set of files. Yeah! Highlight them all and hit "extract". They will extract to wav files, into the folder of your choice. I then take those files and convert to wavpack (or FLAC), and then use a tagger like Mp3Tag to tag them (MP3tag wil pull down Amazon info for easy tagging). My Modwright Transporter will only play up to 24/96 so although I save my 24/176 and 24/192 files i also downsample my 192's into 96k so i can stream them. Once i get a Weiss or Berkeley DAC I will use the native 24/192 ones, of course. (Note: as you may or may not know, don't downsample to a divisor that doesn't divide by 2...don't try taking a 24/176.4k and downsampling it to 24/96...yuck! If your downsampler, like DBPoweramp, can't downsample to 24/88.2 then find one that does.)




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I used DVD-Audio Explorer 2008 to rip files from a DVD-Audio disc to the hard disc of my music server, where I now have them in high-resolution (96K sample rate/4608kbps) WAV format.


The WAV files play fine and sound great on my Squeezebox Duet system, but for some reason I can't convert them to FLAC. When I try to play the resulting FLAC files, I just get pops and clicking sounds. Is there a way to convert to FLAC without downsampling? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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First off, there is an official bug in Squeeze Center currently (7.4 certainly, not sure if earlier versions) that does not permit FLAC files to be converted on the fly (meaning decoded at the server) if they are higher rez than 16/4.1. The simple work around is to keep them FLAC-FLAC to the player (meaning go into file formats and turn off wav decoding for FLAC and make FLAC be streamed FLAC, and decoded at player). I found that decoding at the server sounds better, so I just took my hi-rez files and converted them to Wavpack. That way I can set up each format, and Squeeze Center will decode both formats (Wavpack and FALC) at the server end and send PCM.


That may not address your issue.


Second, the Duet does not handle higher than 24/48, although in 7.4 the 24/96 -to 24/48 auto conversion has been fixed (assuming you keep the files FLAC all the way to the player, as mentioned above). If the files are higher than 24/96 you need to downconvert, period. If 24/96, then install 7.4 and do my workarounds.


That may not address your issue either. Let me know.






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I downloaded the Mac version of DVDAExplorer. When I Open the Video_TS folder (the Audio_TS folders are empty) on either a Classic Records DAD or Chesky DVD-A disc, there are only 2 files that are not greyed out. They are a Video_TS.IFO or a VTS_01_0.IFO Neither one of these show anything when I select open in DVDAExplorer and Extract is not available. What am I missing? Thanks for any help.


Mac mini, iFi Audio iDAC2, Marantz SR6009, Furman Elite-15 PFI, NHT Sub Two i, Monitor Audio SoundFrame 2 On-Walls

Cary, NC

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Hmm...well, if they are DAD's and not HDAD then you don't have a DVD-Audio disc, just a video folder with 24/96 PCM. I don't know Mac, so I'm not the best for this, but if your Audio folder is empty you can't do anything. The video ts folder has 24/96 pcm (in the case of either Classic HDAD side b, or DAD) so you could extract that with DVD Audio Extractor (never tried DVDAExplorer on a video folder). If it's an HDAD make sure you have the correct side inserted. As far as the Chesky disc, which one? We'll start there....


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