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Chris - stop staring at Stevie Nicks and get writing on this!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm curious if any of the functionality of the Proton has changed since the original annoucement?


Given the:

A) Preponderance of DACs and DACs for headphones that beat it to market and -


B) The slug economy and general slow sales of everything, including new products and used.


C) It's been a while and the world keeps spinning along




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Was browsing the App Store when I found Romote a new remote control app that is WIFI but emulates the Apple IR Remote. The cool thing is this controls the volume on the Proton and therefore with Remote from Apple you get all the control you want with the Proton to make it kind of like a dac-preamp with ultimate control.


Guys I have mine on the big rig as follows for days now and it sounds pretty good:


MacMini+ ====>Proton------>Corona Series VT52 Amplifiers----->C&C WWWS Speakers.


It's kinda cool with the Romote program to be 100 feet away and control the volume and the track forward, pause, back.


This is cool!





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It's Rowmote, not romote... or better more info here:




Yes the Proton has an analog volume control between the dac and the output driver. There is no mechanical knob but the volume control appears on the desktop, system prefs and Audio/Midi setup. This becomes your system volume control and therefore when it is changed on the computer, commands are sent to the Proton to adjust the analog volume to the same setting.


Since it is the system volume control that means Front Row and stuff like that as well as Rowmote will adjust the volume in the Proton instead of changing the resolution in the digital domain and sending inferior samples to the dac.


This way is much better.





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Hi Gordon - I played around with Rowmote last night and think it needs a little refinement. When iTunes is the active window the Rowmote volume adjust the iTunes volume instead of the system volume. I couldn't figure out how to get control over the system volume with Rowmote and still have iTunes control via the Remote app at the same time. I'm going to look into this further.


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Got mine today. Looks like it's number 31. :-)


As soon as my tax return hit my wallet, I found myself involuntarily sending email to Wavelength Audio. Well, you know, if you just hang on to cash like that -- well you're going to need a new clutch or something. And before you know it, your car mechanic is going to be listening to his new Proton and where are you then? (Wait, is there something wrong with that logic? No, don't tell me.)


Just getting it setup. Physical size is nice; it's definitely portable if desired. Easy to pick up in one hand and not particularly smaller or bigger than my AKG K-702 headphones.


I love what Gordon has done with the volume control. And yes it does control both the headphone amp and the line out via the rca connectors. Why was I fuzzy about that, I don't know.


More later...


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