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Dynaudio MB5A

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Just about to hook up a pair of Dynaudio BM5As with my Benchmark Pre for home audio. They are going into my family room at the back of my house, which is average size, but links to to a dining room and living room. One other glitch, the room they are going into has a cathedral ceiling that's about 25 feet high. So here is my question. Will the speakers fill the room sufficiently with sound? Can I get away without a subwoofer? Anyone had a similar experience? Thanks


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I have a pair of BM5A's in my office room and I enjoy them. They have a nice laid back sound in the upper frequencies and some kick in the lower region. You won't rock the house with them of course in that size of a room but they will give you good sound and reasonable volume. I would strongly suggest stands so you can play with speaker placement and get them at ear level; move them around to your liking and see what works best for you. A subwoofer is a great idea with that size of speaker & definitely wouldn't hurt to add some punch. They can be set to flat or high passed at 60/80hz with a selectable switch which in my opinion is a nice touch with a sub to crossover smoothly.


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