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Dynaudio BM5A

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Just about to hook up a pair of Dynaudio BM5As with my Benchmark Pre for home audio. They are going into my family room at the back of my house, which is average size, but links to to a dining room and living room. One other glitch, the room they are going into has a cathedral ceiling that's about 25 feet high. So here is my question. Will the speakers fill the room sufficiently with sound? Can I get away without a subwoofer? Anyone had a similar experience? Thanks


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Yeah they are Mackie HR624 nearfields. I ordered them without hearing them - just went off a few reviews, mainly of the old model, including one from soundonsound - but I am absolutely amazed at the sound they produce. The bass is superb, being both incredibly deep and extremely taut. However, its the way they just seem to disappear that I find the most impressive thing about them now, though each time I listen I seem to notice something more - even when sitting slightly off centre, the sound just doesn't seem to come from the speakers! They fill my medium sized space easily, and I'd recommend anyone to try them out. Perhaps check out the many reviews first as I did....


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That's odd I posted a couple of days ago in this thread and it seems to have disappeared... hmm, interesting. Well I will post again. I own the BM5A's and have them in my office room. They have a nice laid back sound in the upper frequencies and a punchy low end. You won't be rocking the house with that size of a nearfield set although I would highly recommend a subwoofer especially in your large room. They have a selectable switch on the back which goes from "Flat" to a highpass filter option of 60 or 80hz which is a nice feature for integrating a subwoofer. I also recommend using speaker stands so you can play with positioning & get the monitors out in the room and at ear level; whatever works best for you. I think you will be happy with them. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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