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Proac Tablette 2000 tweaks

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Hey there,


Just few simple tweaks for avoiding a precoce upgaditis with Proac’s magic.


Try this if you dare:

With spray adhesive, laminate THIN felt to THIN cork sheet or THIN expended polyester sheet.

Find your way to precisely cut holes for tweeter and driver.

Apply double sided tape sparily and place on the front side (felt side towards listening position).

As the tweeter push forward HFs, there is a ringning effect in the air right in front it. The air is the transmitter from the tweeter to your ears but also acts as a reflective matérial and makes high frequencies bounce backwards. Damping a LARGE area in front of the monitor reduces this polluting effect.

THE RESULT: A waaaay better pinpoint image and softer on your precious ears.


Another one:

Biwire!!! As the signal travels different conducters for the different drivers, it is less affected by the impedance of each driver. For some it works, for some not. Make your search. For me it’s a MEGA WIN situation. I use IXOS biwire bulk cable bare at binding posts (the purple sleeved one, 3.5 meter on each channel). "Sameness" issue is far from beeing present in my setup: every recording has it’s very own caracter and even if Polygram (for exemple) has it´s flavour, every produced album sounds unique in quality.

THE RESULT: better tones, better dynamics, unveiled.


Phase shift:

I read somewhere that some manufacturers connect their tweeters phase inverted. I don’t pretend that it is a fact at Proac. I DON’T KNOW. But it made me wonder if some do it, it’s probably not dangerous to try (yes, I’m quite naive at times). So I did and the whole world came inside out!!!

THE RESULT: Before, I was listening to music from inside a globe (hard to describe…) but the staging was surreal. Now, I’m in middle row of an IMAX theater.


I’m tilting over sharing:

My sand filled stands are topped wit a home made hardwood 10 degrees slopes that are screwed to the stands and the monitor (It was heart crushing to put screws in the latters but since my 3 years old swigned the guts out of my Tannoys…). Sandwich everything in blue tack before making this permanent.

THE RESULT: physically aligning the position of the drivers has an effect on phase and liberates the inroom projection of the performance - i.e.: the we are there, or there in the room factor. My two cents is that it also has someting to do with surface reflexions of sound waves. Since the waves are being misaligned to the perpendicular of walls, there is less mirror refexions in the room. If Reference 3a is doing so, as they are soooo holographic, I decided to try it. An other numbing tweak.


All this is shared for the benefit of those who think they can help darn good products sound better, without any pretention other than that these tweaks worked for me, even if I can’t explain it in a scientific way. I’m just having a blast. Hope you’re havin’ fun too :oP





Digital music addict[br]Mac G5 quad -> Apogee Duet -> Quad 303 (Planabox) -> Proac tablette 2000 -> Sweeeet bliss

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