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Sometimes, exactly very often, I lose airpaly signal in my ipad, iphone..imac...to send the music to apple tv 2. It does not appear the icon. And later maybe appears.

I can not understant what's going on. I don't think is a problem with the wifi, because I can get music from my HD connected to the router.

Has anybody else the same problem? Any help?

My apple tv is jailbroken with black atv2.

And I try it with itunes, spotify, another players....

Thank you.

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Well I have no solution for you, but a similar problem. I bought a Zeppelin Air to use on the porch and it keeps losing contact with AirPlay. The rest of the network seems fine. It is a right pain in the neck as the only way to reconnect this to the network is to connect the Zeppelin to the Mini with a cable and running the configuration routine.


Close to useless really ...

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