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System based around Mac Mini G4 and Squeezebox Duet

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OK, please accept apologies in advance for being a bit of a thicko- I'm entirely new to Apple, and and am not exactly an IT whizz


I have a Squeezebox Duet and a Synology NAS which I have struggled to get working to a level at which I am happy.


I've turned my eye to the notion of putting together a Mac Mini and my SB Duet, with half a mind to change over to an iPod Touch


However, I don't know the first thing about Macs.


Moreover, I am working to a tightish budget


I have been looking at some s/h Mac Mini G4's which I can source easily locally to me (Denmark)


I'm not too concerned about the processor (i.e. non intel) issue as this really will be be just used for photos and Squeezebox / iTunes + touch


What are the basic requirements for such a setup? Most of the G4's I have seen do not have an inbuilt wireless capability, so how do I go about setting everything up correctly? Whether I use SB or touch, I will need the mini to be wireless -is this just a case of sticking an airport express into the back of the mini and accessing my current router, or is it more complicated than that ?


Any advice on how to go about this would be very gratefully accepted.


Cheers, Tillster


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You just need to plug the g4 into a router (airport express might work, you'd have to try it, airport extreme or d-link etc. will work for sure. If it's your second router, you'll need to configure it as a relay from your primary router) to put it on the network, or find an airport card for it (simplest option). Using the ipod touch as a remote probably won't work if you plug the g4 into a router. It needs to be directly wireless.


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