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I Just Picked Up ...

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Hey everyone - Here is a new topic to let the CA readers know what music you just picked up or even a new equipment purchase. I am always interested in what everyone else is getting. Do people pick up new releases on the day they come out or do they read the reviews first etc... Do people download a track from iTunes before the album comes out? Have you picked up a new power cord or some interconnects this weekend?


Feel free to let others know what you're up to.


I'll start.


This afternoon I went to my local independent music shop. I picked up:


Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand

Shelby Lynne - Just a Little Lovin'


I also got a CD in the mail from Caiman.com


Nilsson - A little touch of Schmilsson in the night (Highly recommended by CA member SGB)


I haven't got to really listen to them, but from what I've heard so far I had a very successful day in the music department.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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Hey Chris, glad to see the site coming along nicely. The CES coverage was very cool and there are a lot of links throughout audiophile-dom to your pictures.


I've picked up a plethora of Bossa Nova from Rosa Passos, Luciane Souza, and Antonio Carlo Jobim. Also a fantastic Rock and Roll Gumbo on LP by Professor Longhair.


On the cable front, I've changed out all my power cables to Guerrilla Audio "The Juice" cables with Wattgate audiophile grade connectors. Very recomended. Great company to do business with and their products are very well built and reasonably priced.


Right now I'm a-b-ing between Kimber's USB cable and a Mini-Toslink from Monster. I'm loving the Macbook/DL III combo and can't really see buying anything other than a Blu-Ray player in the future.


Oh yeah, and I replaced my McIntosh C220 with the C500 for Christmas. Broke the bank but is worth every penny.


Congratulations on a fantastic site!








McIntosh C500T&P, MC501s, Sonus Faber Cremona M, Ayre QB-9, Oppo BDP-83 Mac Mini

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I just picked up a 66 Fender Deluxe Reverb, totally original, including trannies and tubes. Hey, I know it's not a server but this is about music, right?




Audio Research DAC8, Mac mini w/8g ram, SSD, Amarra full version, Audio Research REF 5SE Preamp, Sutherland Phd, Ayre V-5, Vandersteen 5A\'s, Audioquest Wild and Redwood cabling, VPI Classic 3 w/Dynavector XX2MkII

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Hey Mike - Thanks for the post and the nice comments about the site. Are you purchasing redbooks Cds of the above mentioned titles? Just curious.


It is really nice to hear other people enjoying their MacBook / DAC music servers and even suggesting they won't buy anything else!


I'm actually looking in to a C220 right now for my office. It sounds like you enjoy McIntosh as much as I do. Their sound at CES was absolutely awesome! More musical than any other room.




Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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Yes Redbook CDs. I'm also taking advantage of the low prices from BMGmusic. I pay around $6 per cd, many new(er) releases. Great way to add to your Blue Note records portfolio.


Email me offline if you have any questions RE McIntosh. I had the C220 and was very happy.



McIntosh C500T&P, MC501s, Sonus Faber Cremona M, Ayre QB-9, Oppo BDP-83 Mac Mini

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I just picked up the AEBS and iPod Touch. Wow... way cool. I will use it: Airport Extreme USB Hard Drive at a remote location iMac USB DAC to Audio System. Now I need to decide the best way to control iTunes via the Touch... Signal or Remote Buddy. Has anyone had experience with both and have a preference?




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I downloaded the 30 day trial of Remote Buddy but can't get RB to recognize my iTouch ( I love to call it that). I went to the RB forums and followed every address, every method to get RB to see my iTouch, even making a separate WLAN network as described in the forum... nothing has worked. After 2 days of this s... (stuff) I'm frustrated. Any ideas. The AEBS is working great... no problems! I guess it's on to Signal. I like to KISS. Cheers,

I didn't understand the "I'm working on a full (review?) of Remote buddy".



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"I didn't understand the "I'm working on a full (review?) of Remote buddy"."


Looks like you're ahead of me on that one. Yes, your insertion of the word review was perfect :-)


Did you make sure to enable the AJAX Remote through Remote Buddy preferences?


Then did you go to the IP address of you Mac with the correct port on the end? For example on my Touch I go to and it works. Then I created a bookmark on my Touch which stays on the main screen. Very handy.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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I did it again and it worked. I had gone through all of those steps, several times in the past 2 days, trying every URL listed in the AJAX window, double checking spelling, numbers, etc. Today it worked! Your the wizard. Thanks for the tip on adding the bookmark. Works great. Cheers,



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Indeed they are! I got 120 albums for 45 bucks last weekend. Thank goodness for blackberry GPS, we usually hit 5-10 sales every Saturday morning, she drives and I navigate.


Forgot we got a 1,000 piece puzzle and a 72 inch woven lace round table cloth for $2.25 last Saturday and one of those ole timey gasoline edgers for $35. I wish I'd stumble on a great reel to reel. My wife hunts glass and I've made her stop buying china sets. Opps, also bought 5 new Craftsman wood chisels for 3 bucks.


We see tons of Xbox and PS games, just all kinds of stuff.


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