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Dac suggestion for 24 bit


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On a Mac use the application Audio Midi Setup and make sure the audio output is set to 44.1 KHz and the word-length to 2ch-16 bit if you are using usb to output to an external DAC


Vista works a bit different, it plays everything in the bit depth and sample rate as supplied up to the capabilities of the playback device. In my case the USB DAC supports up to 24 / 96.

If needed you can fool around with these settings using either the upsampling of Vista or the upsampling of the DAC.



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Before outputting the digital audio signal via Toslink optical, any computer must convert it to SPDIF, then to toslink optical. A usb connection to DAC avoids this additional conversion

Technically correct, SPDIF and USB are 2 totally different protocols.

However, both are capable of delivering bit perfect output to the DAC.

They might differ in the amount of input jitter generated.



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Thanks for all the feedback. It was very helpful in my quest to get this right.


Right now, since the DLIII is limited via USB to 44.1khz 16 bit data (even using Apple's Audio Midi Setup, shows at maximum it will support 48khz 16bit data. Having learned based on the original post (thank you Spirit for bringing this to my attention) that the DLIII while a 24 bit 96/192 khz DAC is limited only by the USB input. I recently connected the TOSLINK S/PDIF and removed the USB connection, configured the Audio Midi Setup for Digital Out to support 24 bit 96 khz data and immediately one can hear the difference in the music. Even the CD quality content sounds better and the HD content I have from HDTracks.com sounds amazing. The stage is deeper, the music more natural sounding, the speakers almost disappear from the scene. And this is exactly what you want, 3D sound.


Anyway, I'm still not crazy about using the TOSLINK because I do agree that it most likely imparts more jitter than straight USB and S/PDIF COAX . However for now I can live with that and the DLIII with Stage IV Cullen Circuits Mod does an amazing job of reducing that jitter so all is good. My next purchase will be the Bel Cantos USB Link which does support USB data transfers at 24 bits/96khz. It is still cheaper than buying a new DAC for me @ $495. I've search the internet high and low for alternative, but came up with very few with the same small form factor or audiophile quality. Anyone have any other suggestions (other than buying a new DAC that supports USB @ 24bit)?


Mac Mini Intel; PS Audio DL III - Stage IV Cullen Circuits Mod; Mcintosh MA6500; Audio Physic Virgo IIIs, Anti-cables, Luminous Audio - Synchestra Signature Interconnects, Kimber Kable USB cable

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you speak to Rick Cullen. I too have the Cullen mods and I spoke to Rick about this 16 or 24 bit situation a few days ago. I mentioned the New Bel Canto link and he sort of intimated that it may be possible for him to somehow incorporate a 24 bit solution. He was just musing when he said that, but I believe that since the 24 bit "hardware" is available, it makes it much easier for someone like Rick to utilize it. Take the time to speak to him and see if there is anything that he can do.



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