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USB SPDIF converter vs. optical out of Mac

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I'm not sure why it would be any benefit, although I've never tried the comparison. I'd have thought you'd be adding expense, complication and additional processing. The phrase in the link "We all know what audiophiles want" sets my alarm bells ringing ...


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Toslink output is in general high on jitter.

But a lot of SPDIF output is high on jitter to.

So it depends pretty much on the quality of the components used if a converter will yield any improvement.

To complicated matters a bit more, suppose by using a converter to SPDIF, the DAC is feed by a signal low on jitter compared with Toslink, will this yield audible improvements?

If the DAC is excellent in input jitter rejection, you won’t hear any difference.

If it is not, you probably will (assuming a audio chain able to resolve subtle details.)

As usual, all depends on the quality of the components used in the entire chain.

A listening test is the only answer.



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