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Need Help playing 24/192 files


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Hi Everyone,


I`m new to the forum and fairly new to computer audio. I recently added a dCS Scarlatti upsampler to my stereo so that I could play hi-rez music.


I`m using a Dell Inspiron Mini 910 via USB 2.0, with J River Media Center 13 and ASIO4ALL. And I will connect it wirelessly to my home network and a NAS (trying to decide between a QNAP and HP Mediasmart server). I selected this computer as it has no moving parts and is dead silent. I have everything working for 24/96 and below, but when I try to play a 24/192 I get an error message that ASIO does not support that resolution.


I appreciate any advice on how to get this to work.





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Hi Chris,


I "heard" that it would handle any hi-rez file. After reading the specs, I think that what was said actually referred to the output (the unit upsamples to any rez). I wasn`t informed enough to ask. In fairness, my dealer is fairly new to this as well, and I would have bought the unit anyway, because I want to eventually use similiar technology around the whole house - not the Scarlatti of course.


What do you think of the QNAP server versus the HP Mediasmart?







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Looking at the dcs specs just now I suspect your dealer probably said the dcs can accept pretty much anything which would be technically correct, however the bottleneck will be USB 2.0 and JRiver Media Center, both for now being limited to 96, therefore the dcs will only accept 96 over USB.


However, if you are upsampling generally, I would think it better to let the dCS handle everything anyway otherwise you won't be getting the best from it, so I'd feed it the native resolution from Media center/ASIO4ALL, for redbook this is 16/44.1, then let the dcs upsample everything, for redbook up to 24/176.4 should sound best in theory (44.1 x 4).


If you do have native 24/192 or 24/176.4 material to play there would be nothing for the dcs to upsample anyway, but to get this native output today you'd need to invest in a bit-perfect-capable soundcard (i.e., not USB). I'm waiting a few years for the performance issues with hi-res to iron out as the potential for dropouts and white noise damaging my speakers (which are irreplaceable) is not acceptable to me but this is a personal thing and others will disagree. In the meantime I'm grateful to Chris and others that are experimenting and detailing their experiences.


Agree the inspiron mini is a great computer. only a few hundred dollars, XP pre-installed, fanless, solid state (upgradable to SLC), silent, even has a built-in keyboard and screen. Make sure you keep it in a ventilated place though as they run hotter than most laptops.




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