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DA11, Lavry DA with >PIC

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Introducing the LavryBlack DA11-

Lavry Engineering takes stereo DA conversion to a new level!


Features like a USB input, programmable settings, infrared remote capability, and the proprietary >PiC< Playback Image Control™ make the DA11 more than just a great sounding DA converter.


In keeping with the Lavry Engineering tradition of innovation in the pursuit of excellence, Dan Lavry has combined customer requested features with a flexible approach to controlling the stereo image. The patent pending >PiC< Playback Image Control™ allows the listener to adjust their position within the stereo sound field in a way that is unique to the DA11. Applications include adjusting the stereo width to create a headphone listening experience more like listening in a room with speakers, or moving the “sweet spot” with asymmetrical speaker placement.


A full compliment of USB, XLR, RCA, and optical digital audio inputs offer flexibility in using computer, network music, or stand alone CD player sources, as well as studio equipment. Balanced and unbalanced output options are provided for ease in connection to a wide range of HiFi as well as professional audio gear.


With the addition of infrared remote capability, the DA11 puts the listener in the driver’s seat with the added benefit of working with a universal remote that the customer may already own! The remote Mute function controls both headphone and main outputs, while a separate main output On/Off setting adds flexibility for private headphone listening.


Like the highly acclaimed LavryBlack DA10, the DA11 offers extreme transparency and musicality in DA conversion with the ability to control speaker volume using digitally controlled ANALOG volume circuitry. With unparalleled precision in channel matching throughout the volume range, this feature allows the listener to easily reset the volume to a known level for consistent enjoyment with minimal signal degradation. Like all other programmable settings, the Volume setting is retained in memory when the power is turned “off.”


The DA11 features:

- Ultra low jitter mode to minimize source degradation.

- Patent Pending >PiC< Playback Image Control™.

- Accepts input sample rates between 30kHz and 200kHz

- Potentiometer-free digitally controlled analog volume circuitry.

- High power discrete headphone output.

- XLR, USB, RCA (Coaxial) and Optical (Toslink) digital inputs.

- Optional Infrared Remote control

- Power On/Off muting protection on Main and Headphone outputs

- Balanced or unbalanced outputs with Polarity Inversion

- Included XLR to RCA adapters for easy connection to RCA inputs


For more information goto




Dan Lavry


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Hello Chris,


The product is so new, we just announced it.

The MSRP is $1480


We have a product manual and we will post it on our site within a day or so.


For now, here is some "cut and paste" from the manual:


THD+N at max volume (volume = 55) – typical, 0.0008% FS, maximum 0.0013% FS

Test conditions: 20Hz – 20KHz, -3dBFS sine wave, 22-22KHz BW

At all possible settings and switch combinations.


Dynamic Range: -112dB typical, -110 dB minimum

Test conditions: Non weighted

At all possible settings and switch combinations.


Drive Capability:

24dBu Balanced XLR output into 1K ohms at Volume = 56 or lower

21dBu Balanced XLR output into 600 ohms at Volume = 53 or lower

18dBu Unbalanced XLR output into 600 ohms at Volume = 56 or lower

18dBu Headphone into 100 ohms at Volume = 56 or lower

18dBu Headphone into 50 ohms at Volume = 50 or lower


Volume Control Precision:

Integral linearity (deviation from straight line) – better than 0.1dB

Differential linearity (step size) – better than 0.08dB


AC Power:

Voltage 90-264 VAC, Frequency 40-63Hz, Current 0.1A

Fuse Rating 4A “Fast Blow” *



Dan Lavry



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