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Shelby Lynne | Just A Little Lovin'

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Has anyone listened to the newest Shelby Lynne CD Just A Little Lovin'? She worked with Al Schmitt of Diana Krall fame on the album.


On Shelby's site she says, "...I wanted to work with recording engineer Al Schmitt, because this record had to sound perfect..."


I really like her previous stuff so this one could be a real treat.






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I have been a big fan of hers since she let go of the Nashville thing. I haven't heard the latest but I plan to pick it up. She had a great live, very relaxed concert perfomance on HDNET a few months ago. Michael Ward was on guitar, who used to play with John Hiatt, a favorite of mine, and was the original Wallflowers guitarist. I am hoping they will release the concert on DVD like they did the Heart "Live in Seattle" which kicked butt.




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I need some help on this one. If anyone has this album I need you to test something out for me. When I listen to the first track on my Mac using the physical CD or an AIFF uncompressed rip of the track I get some static around 3:05 into the track. When I listen to this same track in my car I have absolutely no static in the aforementioned spot.


This is too weird, someone has to have this album to run some tests for me.




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I have confirmed it is not me and there is an issue with static on the album. Surprisingly Stereophile's March 2008 Recording of the Month is this album and they didn't mention anything about the static. The quality of the music and the sound of the rest of the album are good enough to make you forget the static however.


If you don't own this one yet, pick it up!


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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