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HRx and J River---no go? What now?

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Only 2 of my HRx discs work out of all of them. Chris I noticed an old post that said you had issues too. Looks like its still a problem. I can't get Kent Poon's aiff files at 24/192 to play either.


My search contines for a good player that has asio to work with my EMU 0404. I'm sick of manually changing the sample rates in MM and Foobar to match my 16/44.1, 24/176.4 and 24/192 material; but at least MM w/wav_out plays all the files correctly and glitch free so I may have to deal with it!! Anyone try the cPlay player?


Thanks, Joel


Regards, Joel

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Tried it again and it still wouldn't work, try it as a copy and paste into a new browser tab/window.


If that doesn't work then here we go the long way round :


Media Monkey web site - front page

Click 'support' link - takes you to support centre

click 'Knowledge Base' icon

from top part of page click on 'Playback (14)' folder icon

third link down 'Compatibility with ASIO-capable Sound Cards


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