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500 NOT OUT!

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May I be the first to congratulate Tim (tfarney) on his 500th post! Not particularly that one, rather that and the 499 which preceded it! Chris, Tim and Ashley brighten the day and have been a huge help (knowingly or unknowingly) to me and many more in getting into computer sound (I won't say audiophilia, brazenly ripping at 256 kbs VBR as I do... it works for me!)


Keep up the good (and play)





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I've no doubt that is the case with Tim and I congratulate him for his contribution, he's a revelation for me too and certainly brightens up our dejected and snowy factory!


I'm not sure about me though, I'm just glad to be on a forum where the majority are excited by the new technology and interested in practical ways of getting the best results from it. I know we've had a bit of a flutter with the 650 pages that constitute the USB cable spec, but at least no one is reporting sonic improvement from one of Russ Andrews Computer mains cables.




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OMG!!! I just picked up the amazing Russ Andrews Computer mains cable and the sonic improvement is has made to my Dell is amazing!!! The sound stage is epic!!! The bass is soooo bassy (but not boomy)!!! The trebles are treblischous!!!! I just can't believe the night and day difference this cable made in my Dell's ability to make music !!! Before, it was just zeros and ones!!! Now? Whole notes and rests!!!


It's just incredible!!!


:) :)




I confess. I\'m an audiophool.

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Tim I think you ought to offer that testimonial to Russ. By using it he will avoid being hauled up before the Advertising Standards Association again.


A few years ago I had a call from a customer asking why his system sounded bright and aggressive and if the cause might be particularly revealing speaker cables. I was not allowed to know the make of CD player and hints that it could be to blame were edited out by the selective hearing process. Instead he persisted with the cable theory and wasn't convinced that they made no difference. I thought no more of the call until his dealer rang me to explain that he'd had a choice between a cheap (and in this instance nasty) CD player and expensive speaker cables or vice versa and that Russ had offered him such a good deal he'd taken it. The cables were £2300 and cutting edge, but cable technology was advancing at a tremendous pace and they'd be surpassed in a year. However, Russ would only charge him £300 to upgrade to the later "technology". If the cheap CD player had been any good, the outcome might have been different, but in the event, the dealer had to refund money for the speakers and amplifier, the latter having damaged bases where they'd been resting on spikes.


I may have the actual prices wrong, but the story is true.




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Really!! Quite honestly gentlemen, I am both astonished and disappointed at such a frivolous display of audiophile ignorance. Quality mains cables are an essential component in any modern high-end system. The importance of this cannot be stressed strongly enough. Witness the views of such luminaries as Mr. R Andrews, Mr & Mrs Nordost or even young Master Chord!! To name but three for whom the mains cable is an indispensable accessory in the audiophiles' battle against the filthy scourge that is rogue mains electricity.


It is both well documented and scientifically proven that improvements in mains cables can bring about huge improvements in the sound of your system.


Not in mine, mind you. Just yours! :)


ps. And don't forget your fuses. http://www.furutech.com/a2008/product2.asp?prodNo=305




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