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Newbie: Sound cards for mac mini

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Just getting into computer audiophile. Thinking abut purchasing a Mac mini and I'm wondering how good the sound card is. I just purchased the Cambridge Audio Dac Magic and plated it through Dennon AVR4306 With my Toshiba laptop and found the sound to be very bright . I have to admit I'm not the most computer proficient. Any help would be greatly appreicated.


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You will get excellent results using a mac mini and it is widely used for streaming music.


If you want to try one more time with your Toshiba laptop, based on my experience with them, you'll get the best results bypassing the internal soundcard and outputting via USB. To do that I would suggest downloading JRiver Media Jukebox and ASIO4ALL (both free) then in JRiver's player settings select ASIO output, turn off all EQ and select the USB device under Sound settings in control panel. Windows would then output to your Cambridge Audio DAC as an external soundcard.


If you want to use iTunes, go with the mac mini.




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