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iTrax and Linn Download Pricing

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Both itrax and Linn charge more for purchasing a complete album than for purchasing all tracks on the album individually. For example at Linn, Bach's St. Matthew Passion is $35 for the complete studio master FLAC yet you can purchase all tracks individually for $20.


iTrax mentions something about their pricing being based on bandwidth/file size but that doesn't make sense to me because if I purchase all the tracks individually they should equal the total file size of the complete album.


Any idea why there's a price difference? Do you get something additional when purchasing the complete album that you don't get with the individual tracks?






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I think you may be looking at the wrong thing. When you first go to a page the track listing section seems to show whatever you had selected last time, or the cheapest if you've not been to the site before.


Have a look at the dropdown menu labelled 'Format', to the right of the grey portion at the top of the 'Tracks : Listen and Download' window. When you select the type of download you want, the prices will change accordingly. I always made the individual prices add up to far more than the album price.


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