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Sounds going to wrong channel...

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Ok guys, got a weird one...



System: Shuttle SG33M5

Audio: Claro Plus+

Video: ATI 4550


My Claro Plus+ sends sounds to random channels. I get this with any program but Claro has a set up program where you can click on any speaker, let's say the center channel and it says "Center" and you can make sure that your center channel speaker is on the right cable and everything...


However when I click on any speaker in the app, let's say center..."Center" can come out of any speaker, rear, center, right, left...whatever, every time I click center...and yes the cables are set up right.


I have worked with HTOmega (makers of the card) and they even sent me another card but that didn't help. I also called Shuttle, they had no idea what the problem was.


The system only has one PCI and one PCI-E slot and the on-board audio is turned off in BIOS and XP does not try to load the on-audio drivers so they are indeed turned off.


Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?




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