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Has anyone used the new Wire World Ultraviolet USB?

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There is an improvement over standard USB 2.0 cables.

I compared the Wireworld USB with three standard USB 2.0 cables that I had at home, and the sound was more detailed with the Wireworld. However, I do not know if the difference is enough to justify more than 5x the price of a standard cable. But this may help you. I played wav files ripped with RipperX (cdparanoia) from the hard disk, through the Wireworld USB, to an AQVOX DAC MkII and listened with UE Triple.fi 10Pro earphones connected to the AQVOX's headphone amplifier section. I did the same using the digital coax output of an Audio Analogue Paganini CD player into the AQVOX. The sound was very similar, but slightly more detailed when played from the hard disk. For me there is no need to search for more expensive and esoteric USB cables. The Kimber USB without the ferrites might be an alternative, although I have no idea how does it compare to the Wireworld.



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