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Heads up---defective HRx batch of "Exotic Dances" HR-71

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Thought I would post this here in case others have this issue. Chris, feel free to post it in music too but I think general gets read more.


You may or may not know you even HAVE the issue below unless you have the HDCD or Tape Project tape of this release but read below my question and response from RR today:



I recently bought the HRx version of "Exotic Dances" and there is a curious thing going on with the last 2 tracks. The left channel is missing most of its treble and top end information! The entire orchestra is panned hard right in balance because of this. I have the HDCD of this same work, and the "defect" is certainly not present on the HDCD, where the left channel has all of the treble information presented in both channels. Hopefully, it is just that I got a bad copy or something. It's definitley the disc and not my setup as I loaded the disc on to two entirely different computers/systems and the flaw is present in both. I also have all of the other HRx titles (which I bought at CES earlier in the month) and this Exotic Dances, the final two cuts, is the only issue I have had. All that said, has anyone else heard this? Can I please send this back to you for a replacement? I believe I bought the Exotic Dances HRx at the Elusive Disc booth at CES and I don't have a receipt for it which hopefully is OK.



Dear Joel,

You are correct, we have just found out that some of the HR-71 have problems with the last tracks. This was caused by a bad transfer from the master tape, and we have made a new one and are getting some new discs made. We should have production copies finished (with silkscreened labels), in about 10 days. I will mail you a new one then, and there is no need to send back the original one. We're sorry for the problem!

Best wishes,

Marcia MartinReference Recordings


Interesting thing is she states "master tape" and AFAIK this was a 100% PURE DIGITAL recording for the HRx release so there shouldn't BE a master tape!! I will get clairification....





Regards, Joel

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