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Article: Drobo FS Network Attached Storage (NAS) Review

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I got a replacement FS that seems to work but backing up to or from the FS is so slow it beggars belief. Not sure whether it is because of the number of files that I have but when I spoke to the 2nd level support at Drobo she recommended I used the Drobo S for iTunes which is quite telling. It does stream satisfactorily playing through iTunes but adding new files from CD is painful too.

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If you are using Time Machine to back-up to the Drobo, then try deleting the volume with the Time Machine disk-image. Then create a new volume and set it to be a Time Machine volume in the Drobo Dashboard, then enable it on the Mac. This procedure helped me fix this issue.

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Well my Drobo S took a dump last night. No power... it is completely dead... no warning etc.... I am backed up so ok there but I have had 3 drobo's fail now and not HD failures but the whole unit. I am done with them, want to like them but they are too unreliable.

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