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Article: Computer Audiophile At The 129th AES Convention

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God Chris, I wished I still lived in Berkeley! It looks to be very interesting and informative. Please be sure to give us the low down on the good stuff! ;)<br />

<br />

Vicariously living via CA, it's better than nothing!<br />

<br />


Ryzen 7 2700 PC Server, NUC7CJYH w. 4G Apacer RAM as Renderer/LPS 1.2 - IsoRegen/LPS-1/.2 - Singxer SU-1/LPS1.2 - Holo Spring Level 3 DAC - LTA MicroZOTL MZ2 - Modwright KWA 150 Signature Amp - Tidal Audio Piano's.  


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There will be two meetings of the Toronto Section this month. At the Tuesday 23 November 2010 meeting John Vanderkooy will present "a review of the papers presented at this year's AES conventions in San Francisco. For those who couldn't attend the conventions, this is an excellent opportunity to get an overview of the papers presented in an informative and digestible format. <br />

<br />

Various Workshop, Tutorials, Master class and Exhibition Floor reviews from the convention will be provided by AES Chair Sy Potma and other exec members as time permits."<br />

<br />

Members and guests are welcome--details at torontoaes.org

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That is a good suggestion for a number of reasons. After I made the suggestion that Chris post any material he may have received at the AES Convention on this site, I went to the AES website and noted that they have their written papers for sale so any posting on this site without their permission is probably a copyright violation. Looks like if you want to read their material you gotta pay the price, although some of the material may be for public dissemination.

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