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electric noise, a good advice?

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Hi All,


I have a small electric problem on my audio setup, and I wonder whether you could kindly give me a good advice.


I have everything connected to the same ampifier: PC/DAC, CD, DVD, XBOX, and of course DVD and XBOX are also connected to the TV.


Well, I have some electric noise due to the antenna cable plugged into TV: it causes a noise in the speakers, and also switches on the DAC even when the PC is off (!).

To avoid this I have to disconnect from the amp all devices connected to the TV (DVD,XBOX) or just simply unplug the antenna from the TV.


Any idea how to solve this, without having to separate the AUDIO / VIDEO chains?


Thanks a lot,



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I had the same problem a while ago. I could hear an annoying humm even when the tv was off. The system had a ground loop. I bought a cheap ground loop isolator and the problem is gone.


Those ground loop may have a negative impact on the image quality of your TV signal. I didn't notice anything wrong on mine.


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